The essence of the story

The story of any region is based on its roots, character, and values. In order to know who we are, we need to know our roots – where and what we come from. And it’s just as important to define our character – what’s typical for us as well as what distinguishes us from others. This goes for people, brands, products, and regions. Last but not least, a region should define and live true to its values – the principles the people from the region share and live according to.

#brnoregion positioning

The story of our region

Understanding its exceptional character, our ancestors turned this region into a crossroads of trade routes along the Amber Road. Located among Vienna, Prague and Bratislava, it has remained exceptional and offers unique comfort to all who arrive: big on opportunities, small on distance. Its location at the main junction to many other European countries has brought a lot of suffering, but also advantages to the local people. This is where history was made and lots of things started. In the 18th and 19th centuries it was called “Moravian Manchester” as local textile factories rose to global importance. Then our region made a name for itself among engineering leaders, built up the largest exhibition grounds in Central Europe, and today boasts its position as an epicentre for research and development. All this reflects our creativity and ability to improvise and find a suitable solution to any situation.
The world isn’t perfect and we’re quick to admit that it’s this imperfection that makes us creative. We turned it into the ability to repair and improve things around us, to change the world for the better – both the small world we’re familiar with and the larger global scene.
The local landscape is far from extreme; no seas or high mountains, everything relaxed and picturesque… More like a garden. And we are just like this garden, without any extremes. We like things to go easily and peacefully, we’re cordial and hospitable. Nobody feels lonely for too long here. The ideal size of our region means we’re close to each other, help each other and cooperate, whether with our next-door neighbours or in local politics.
We love our local landscape and it is kind to us in return. Beautiful, democratic, close, and yet so varied – just like our life here. Vast vineyards, picturesque valleys, dripstone caves, green forests – so much to choose from.
Our region is a unique combination of two worlds – the big world of business, industry and politics, and the small, local, personal, and friendly world. #brnoregion is an ideal place to create and live.

Advantages of (USP) #brnoregion

#brnoregion is an excellent place to live

#brnoregion offers a high quality of life to everyone. A world-class city transportation, excellent quality of services, awesome beer for one euro a glass – basically everything you need to live a satisfied life. And all this in the sixth safest country in the world, with a very low unemployment rate and good-quality health care available to everybody. #brnoregion is located in the very heart of Europe, packed with experiences and opportunities!

Success always within reach

#brnoregion is a perfect place to become successful! A capital of innovations with a history full of discoveries and inventions. We support anyone talented who would like to change the world for the better, in a peaceful, natural, meaningful way and – mainly – without any casualties. Yes, you can achieve global success here!

A traditional region with a modern centre

#brnoregion is a place of traditions, historical sights, and history. This doesn’t mean that we refuse modern or new things, though. Here, tradition meets innovation and they co-exist in balance. Also, its 12 universities and 60 high schools continuously provide new blood, and given that young people are responsible for most of the change we see in the world, they turn #brnoregion into a place radiating energy, fun, life, and love. #brnoregion is a modern place with traditions for an active and social life full of cultural activities.

#brnoregion can make you feel at home

It doesn’t take long for anyone to settle in here. The local people are friendly, obliging, and hospitable and they care about relations among neighbours. Cordiality over indifference and sterile uniformity, authenticity over pretence. Even if you don’t know anybody here, don’t worry: nobody remains lonely here for long.

#brnoregion makes a great basecamp for creative people

#brnoregion is an ideal environment for growth. It has fully working innovation ecosystem, modern public administration, and research and development are strongly supported here. We love and welcome new ideas and innovations, shown by how dozens of globally successful companies, both Czech and foreign, have made a home here.


Contact us to start a discussion on how we can help each other. I’ll be happy to go into detail about all the tools from the #brnoregion project you can use. I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion and new ideas that can help us make #brnoregion an excellent address for innovative technology, research and development.

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