This is the right place for you

We are happy to cooperate with anyone who’d like to promote our region throughout the world. Our support can help you most if you plan to do this from one of the following positions:

Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer We do our best to promote our region abroad, which is beneficial for you. The #brnoregion image can raise the value of your products, services, and even as well as your brand. Learn more
Marketing Marketing We work hard every day to associate #brnoregion with prestige. Our materials and services are at your disposal both your international communication and marketing. Learn more
Human Resources Management Human Resources Management Our project lets the world know that working in #brnoregion is a pleasure. Using our tools in your HR efforts can make recruiting new talents easier and more efficient. Learn more
Anything else! Anything else! Do you live and create in #brnoregion but don't fit into any of the previous positions? Don't worry! We present #brnoregion abroad through a wide range of activities and we’re sure to find something you could use as well. Learn more

Where to go from here

Toolbox The TOOLBOX is a data and image bank full of helpful materials when introducing and promoting our knowledge region. All this for free, with no copyright concerns. Always available and updated regularly. Download here Through this website, we address talents, entrepreneurs, as well as businessmen all over the world and show them why #brnoregion is the best place for their studies, careers, and lives. Search the website
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